Earth of Oryn will be launching a Kickstarter around november 2022.

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Earth of Oryn is a fantasy city builder and strategy game that will be available on desktop for PC, Mac and Linux.
In Earth of Oryn you follow the rise of various unique civilisations and/or create your own.

  Colorful and deep contrasted low polygon art style.
  You will build the greatest cities, castles and fortified places.
  Create and manage armies to protect it against your envious neighbours.
  Balance your economy, manage your resource production, craft items, research, trade.
  Use your own vision and decide what laws, taxes, religion, politics and much more should be applied.
  Discover creatures, biomes and amazing places.

This first version will focus on resource production and crafting, fortifications and battle and water management.

Starting with 4 playable civilisations and more than 50 hours of campaign game lifespan.

Earth of Oryn is an indie game developed by a team of one passionate person.

"I'm creating my dream fantasy city builder and I will do my best to deliver an amazing and unique experience."

Core mechanics

The game is still in early development and the following description may change or be completed.

Kingdom builder

You are the architect

 Use prefabricated buildings or create your own models from scratch thanks to an elaborated building system.
 Decide what materials to use and how to arrange them to make your building stronger and more durable.
 Use geared systems to power buildings and/or to create dynamic parts like moving bridge or elevator.
 Modify the terrain elevation to your needs.
 Master the water building bridges, water mil and other water based machineries.

Lead manager

As the leader of your people you have the mission to take all the important decisions

 Handle the resources production and crafting lines.
 Build and organize road and water traffic.
 Trade when needed.
 Manage human resources on working sites.
 Train and organize an army. Configure their outfits and weapons.
 Do research to unlock new technologies.
 Create your own religion/cult.
 Farm, gather, hunt and fish.


Sometimes moving or exploring place will be needed in your campaigns.

You and a bunch of other explorers will have to travel through new lands discovering new flora, wildlife and topology.

Keep your companions safe during the travel and decide where is the best place to settle.

When a campaign is finished you can expand the game life by increasing the difficulty or by making different decision that will create a new unique story.

- OR -

Because Earth of Oryn is above all a city builder you will also have the possibility to create your very own story by creating or generating new map from scratch and deciding with what parameters you want to play in a sandbox mode.

Maybe you already have a dream kingdom in your head waiting to take life.


Defending your kingdom against various threats is a big part of the game.

To defend your people from the invaders you will have to raise and train an army. Build protections such as ramparts and castles. Place traps and war machineries.

You will also have to protect you from natural disaster and decisional problematics like the following


The civilizations

Earth of Oryn take place in a gigantic fantasy world with different kind of biomes and civilizations.

The game will primarily include 4 civilizations to start.

The kingdom of the farmers, peasants and merchants.

Where the quiet rivers meet low hills and old castles before joining the sea.

Where the darkness of the fir forests and the swamp is a fertile land for myths.

The great red canyon shaped by the river Sath.

Heat, dryness and aridity.

The lands of the four kings protected by the natural ramparts of their mountains.

Earth of Oryn's world

Earth of Oryn take place in a gigantic fantasy world with different kind of biomes and civilizations.

Below is a map of the known world.

civilizations map


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The game is still in early development and final rendering will be massively improved.

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