Earth of Oryn is willing to offer a full experience in terms of narative, building and managing systems and strategy.

*The game is currently in development and the images are screen video of the game as it is from now and does not reflect the exact final rendering.


Build and customize

Play the engineer and create the best constructions bloc by bloc thanks to an amazing building system.

You will be able to (none-exhaustive):

  • Use gear system to power buildings and to create dynamic parts like moving bridge or elevator.
  • Reuse chunck or complete buildings to create bigger ones like a defensing wall, a tower or simply a well design house.
  • Test your build in a workshop to check if they work as intended with tools like weapons or changing weather.

All items will have their unique properties.

Micro/macro manage everything

As a leader you will direct your whole kingdom and influence your citizen at your will.

You will be able to (none-exhaustive):

  • Manage human resources on the working sites.
  • Train and organize an army.
  • Exchange items with merchands.
  • Make research for new technologies.
  • Create your own religion/culte.
  • Write new laws.
  • Hunt or farm various animals.
  • Farm, gather and transform resources.

The earth of Oryn

Dive into the story of Earth of Oryn

The game takes part in a gigantic world where all nations have their uniqueness.

Follow the steps of famous characters that built this world and explore different biomes throw campaigns.

Create your own story in a free mode.


Defend your kingdom with the army you created and the protections you built.

Train your army and customize their outfits.

Create traps and machinary to help your soldiers defend your kingdom.



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Work in progress